About Jessica

Brende Home is the result of the hardworking and creative, Jessica Brende. With over 20 years of  experience, she addresses all areas of your home and provides innovative and thoughtful solutions. She excels in kitchen and bath remodels, full architectural projects, custom furnishings and styling. Her passion for living well helps her capture her clients personal taste and expectations.

Dedicated to client service

She enjoys the process of taking her clients through a design project step by step. She sweats the details through each phase of design including- inspiration, specification, installation and maintenance, allowing her clients to focus on enjoying their new space.


She works hand in hand with contractors and architects to address all design questions and details. She produces drawings and specifications for the execution of the design. She approaches each project as a cohesive whole balancing light, form, color, scale and texture to bring your space to life.


Jessica Brende

Jessica has been decorating since she remembers, starting with revamping her dollhouse on a whim and working with her mother, interior designer Susan Taylor. Jessica can recall the smell of fabrics from her mother’s workroom and believes this introduction ignited her love of interior design. After graduating from University of Southern California, Jessica decided to turn her childhood passion into a career and attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, LA. Upon graduation, she landed a design position with Bonesteel Trout Hall, a high end residential design firm based in Pacific Palisades, CA. After five years of working and the birth of her first son, Jessica created Brende Home in 2009. Since then she is responsible for ground up projects and furnishings up and down the coast from San Francisco to San Diego. She has a fresh and uplifting approach to high end design and continues to address each project with enthusiasm.